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2023: the year of well-being through healthy eating

The hospitality of Villa Antica Colonia and its 360° attention to the world of well-being sees the experiences of ayurveda and yoga as protagonists but it could not fail to celebrate the dimension of well-being in terms of healthy and sustainable nutrition in a strong relationship with the territory of Lake Orta.

Lake Orta is a magical place located near valleys of great history, local producers and small traditions of farmers and breeders who do their utmost in the production of healthy products with ancient handed down recipes.

Villa Antica Colonia in collaboration with its precious partner WellOne, which embraces this vision, offers you a memorable experience of well-being at the table, making you discover flavours, traditions and tastes also with the use of plants and wild flowers... because food healthy means nourishing body and soul.

Taste the flavours, know their history, be aware of what we eat: this is sustainable; supporting the products of small producers and traditions by following what nature offers: this is sustainable.

Experience a cuisine from a sustainable point of view and with the principles of Ayurvedic wisdom where each element of the dishes is created to be perfectly balanced in order to stimulate digestion, give nourishment and make us feel good.

Healthy and 0 km food, hospitality and care in a charming environment to preserve the memory of the exaltation of the five senses... this you will find at Villa Colonia in the 2023 season.

Think about your well-being, regenerate yourself with an immersive stay at Villa Antica Colonia.

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Via Primatesta 7, Crabbia 28028 Pettenasco (NO) Lago d’ Orta

58 km from Milan Malpensa Airport


Via Primatesta 7, Crabbia

I - 28028 Pettenasco (NO) Lake Orta

58 km from Milan Malpensa Airport


Enjoy your

Wellness Stay

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