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Well-being Starting From The Bathroom

The beauty of Villa Antica Colonia is a set of elements of indisputable charm: its splendid dominant position on Lake Orta with an incomparable panoramic view, the total immersion in the lake nature, the seven enchanting suite apartments that allow an emotional experience in which love and attention to detail are perceived, including for the bathroom.

And the latter is the protagonist of a project born in collaboration with the renowned Italian tap manufacturer Fima Carlo Frattini, whose distinctive products have been chosen that interact perfectly with the historical charm of the structure and amplify the leitmotiv of the villa itself: harmony & comfort . Colors, shapes and materials express the concept of Villa Antica Colonia and strongly embrace the “oasis of well-being” philosophy that the villa wants to convey, with particular attention to the interior design of the bathroom.

The details of the suite-apartments, starting with the bathrooms designed by Fima Carlo Frattini, contribute to the perception of pleasant emotions during the stay at Villa Antica Colonia, where the historic architectural charm of the residence masterfully meets the contemporary stylistic and functional needs.

A holiday experience to be lived in complete comfort …

A great thanks to Fima Carlo Frattini for the editorial on GT and Hotel Domani.

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Via Primatesta 7, Crabbia 28028 Pettenasco (NO) Lago d’ Orta

58 km from Milan Malpensa Airport


Via Primatesta 7, Crabbia

I - 28028 Pettenasco (NO) Lake Orta

58 km from Milan Malpensa Airport


Enjoy your

Wellness Stay

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