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  • 2023: l'anno del benessere che passa attraverso la sana alimentazione.

    L'ospitalità di Villa Antica Colonia e la sua attenzione al mondo del benessere a 360° vede protagoniste le esperienze di ayurveda e yoga ma non poteva non celebrare anche la dimensione del benessere in termini di alimentazione sana e sostenibile in forte relazione con il territorio del Lago d'Orta . Il Lago d'Orta è un luogo magico situato vicino a valli di grande stori, produttori locali e piccole tradizioni di contadini e allevatori che si prodigano nella produzione di prodotti sani con antiche ricette tramandate. Villa Antica Colonia in collaborazione con il suo prezioso partner WellOne, che abbraccia questa visione, vi offre una memorabile esperienza di benessere a tavola, facendovi scoprire sapori, tradizioni e gusti anche con l'utilizzo di piante e fiori di campo... perché cibo sano significa nutrire corpo e anima. Gustare i sapori, conoscere la loro storia, essere consapevoli di ciò che mangiamo: questo è sostenibile; sostenere i prodotti dei piccoli produttori e delle tradizioni seguendo ciò che la natura offre: questo è sostenibile. Sperimentare una cucina in un'ottica sostenibile e con i principi della saggezza ayurvedica dove ogni elemento dei piatti è creato per essere perfettamente bilanciato al fine di stimolare la digestione, dare nutrimento e farci sentire bene. Cibo sano e a Km 0, accoglienza e cura in un ambiente di charme per conservare il ricordo dell'esaltazione dei cinque sensi...questo troverai a Villa Colonia nella stagione 2023. Pensa al tuo benessere, rigenerati con un soggiorno immersivo a Villa Antica Colonia.

  • Well-being Starting From The Bathroom

    The beauty of Villa Antica Colonia is a set of elements of indisputable charm: its splendid dominant position on Lake Orta with an incomparable panoramic view, the total immersion in the lake nature, the seven enchanting suite apartments that allow an emotional experience in which love and attention to detail are perceived, including for the bathroom. And the latter is the protagonist of a project born in collaboration with the renowned Italian tap manufacturer Fima Carlo Frattini, whose distinctive products have been chosen that interact perfectly with the historical charm of the structure and amplify the leitmotiv of the villa itself: harmony & comfort . Colors, shapes and materials express the concept of Villa Antica Colonia and strongly embrace the “oasis of well-being” philosophy that the villa wants to convey, with particular attention to the interior design of the bathroom. The details of the suite-apartments, starting with the bathrooms, contribute to the perception of pleasant emotions during the stay at Villa Antica Colonia, where the historic architectural charm of the residence masterfully meets the contemporary stylistic and functional needs. A holiday experience to be lived in complete comfort … A great thanks to Fima Carlo Frattini for the editorial on GT and Hotel Domani. #hotel #vacation

  • Exclusive VIP Lake Orta Private Boat Tour

    During your stay at Villa Antica Colonia you can experience a virtual dive into the history of Lake Orta on board a brand new boat Thanks to the new tour offer we propose. During four hours you can discover the beautiful villas overlooking the lake and hear the narration of the legends of the Island of San Giulio, the history of this lake, the mountains and the hills that surround it. During the storytelling by the boat’s knowledgeable captain, why not getting a bottle of prosecco and enjoying the waves, the panorama, and the wind whipping through your hair and around your face… Let’s be thrilled by Lake Orta and discover it from a different point of view during your stay at Villa Antica Colonia! #hotel #vacation

  • “Allround Sport” Summer On the Lake

    Enjoying the lake in a full summer mood has become an unmissable experience since you can practice many water activities such as canoe, SUP, shuttle bike or try the thrill of water skiing. Let’s not forget the queen of summer experiences: boat tours. Admiring the lake from the surface with its clearings of turquoise water, with its piers and harbors will give you unexpected glimpses of rare beauty. Discovering Lake Orta and all its extraordinary beauties has never been so easy thanks to the exclusive services by Villa Antica Colonia: the delivery of boats with or without driver, SUP, Shuttle bikes and canoes at the nearby pier. In addition, driving to the waterski center a few minutes from the villa, you can do some exciting whizzing across the lake. These are one of the activities to be experienced for a quality holiday on Lake Orta. If you are looking for a romantic place to relax, if you are a lover of sport, nature and the energy of the lake waters, Villa Antica Colonia offers you everything you need for a “allround sport” summer. #hotel #vacation

  • Open The Doors To Wellness

    It is a new beginning of the season, it is a new dawn for Villa Antica Colonia: thanks to the expert hands of our partners, your stay will be enriched by Ayurvedic and yoga experiences that are almost naturally intertwined with this magical timeless place: the Lake Orta. The wonder of this location and the encounter with the ancient Vedic knowledge, at the basis of a profound integrated medicine, will accompany every moment of your stay in the name of relaxation and tranquility in that atmosphere of quiet and peace that has always characterized Villa Antica Colonia. And the nature of Lake Orta all around, especially in the spring season, is an accomplice: wisteria in bloom, wildflowers that cover the meadows, intense and enveloping scents, harmonious sounds of birds and the warmth of the sun’s rays. who acquire more and more confidence… this is the ideal frame to enter a new dimension of listening to yourself, to initiate a change in the body as well as in the mind. The treatments offered, different from each other in detail and purpose but all oriented to donating precious energy to support one’s life, see detox, rejuvenate and relaxation as their main focus. We offer wellness programs with the flavor of herbs and natural oils that become a silent moment where you can gently meet yourself, all set in a splendid villa from which to admire an incomparable lake view and the wonderful change of lights and colors of nature from sunrise to sunset. Wellness experiences, regenerating holidays and pure relaxation: this is the new dimension of Villa Antica Colonia. #hotel #vacation

  • The Wine: the Nectar of the Gods

    Wine is an ancient drink that is appreciated all over the world. We Italians, then, are among the main producers of wine and, in fact, there are many regions scattered with rows and wineries to visit to taste some good glasses. Autumn is also a season inextricably linked to wine and the many flavors that accompany this period. With the arrival of the autumn months, there is a desire for moments animated by good food and good wine. That’s right, isn’t it? Precisely for this reason in autumn many people are looking for food and wine experiences strongly linked to the region: here at Villa Antica Colonia we offer two interesting regional wine tasting tours combined with the discovery of the territory. Could not miss a visit to the Rovellotti winery which represents one of the highest expressions of quality of local production: the cultivation of the vineyards is firmly anchored to the viticultural traditions of the area including Nebbiolo, Vespolina, Uva Rara and Erbaluce. The company is part of the charm of the Recetto in Ghemme, in the province of Novara, a fortified medieval district famous for being a wine supplier to the Sforza Court. The journey among the vines of Piedmont could not fail to foresee the Langhe area with its native Nebbiolo grape variety, the king of wine. The name itself seems to derive from the mists that settle on the vineyards of the Langhe of a beauty to be seen and be enchanted by or from the bloom that can cover the skin of the berries and give it a milky appearance that recalls the fog … Autumn opens its doors and Villa Antica Colonia awaits you for a good glass of wine! #hotel #vacation

  • September Sweet September

    Approaching the end of summer is not necessarily synonymous with the end of holidays. There are those who start their holidays right now and there are those who do not give up and decide to make the most of the last days of good weather. Imagine a sweet awakening that is colored by the magical reflections of the lake, intense days immersed in nature to discover enchanting views, relaxing walks, regenerating jacuzzi and massage sessions, succulent dinners and evening drinks with a breathtaking lake view ... I dream of a September like this, right? Holidays in September: a break for the body and mind to be done strictly in two. And where if not in a romantic and eternal place like Lake Orta? Thanks to the pleasant temperatures of this period, a still vigorous sun and a discreet and non-mass presence of tourists who animate the lake, the possibility of enjoying warm moments of relaxation before the autumn / winter break that is approaching inexorably here is absolutely to be kept into account. From this point of view September is the best month for those who prefer peace and tranquility to the typical and lively summer days. Make your wishes come true and pamper yourself a little more with a holiday at Villa Antica Colonia in the sweet month of September… #hotel #vacation

  • Not Only Suite Apartments

    If there is one indicator of comfort on vacation, it is certainly the “room service”. At Villa Antica Colonia, not only holiday apartments but also what can be defined as a room service: a food & drink delivery that leaves the imagination free to dream of a holiday in which to feel free, without restrictions and with an additional pampering. This service stems from the desire to offer not only comfortable holiday apartments but a small oasis of serenity and relaxation, a small corner of paradise away from the routine rhythms of everyday life. The possibility of having a careful selection of food and drinks directly at your apartment to be enjoyed in full privacy on your terrace or garden with the unique panoramic view that distinguishes Villa Antica Colonia is unparalleled. Thanks to trusted partners who offer the service in our collaboration and details that give each apartment of this exclusive residence a touch of charm and atmosphere, a truly romantic and special couple’s stay awaits you at Villa Antica Colonia, with a privileged atmosphere surrounded by the seductive landscape of Lake Orta. Why not also indulge in a relaxing couple’s massage to crown a day in a romantic place made up of reserved spaces and attentive and discreet service? Our apartments Adults only offer the opportunity to experience your holiday in absolute tranquility … from romantic candlelit dinners overlooking the lake to evenings spent sipping wine while chatting with a friend or rediscovering the pleasure of simply looking into the eyes with your sweetheart. Make your holiday as a couple special and give yourself a special moment at Villa Antica Colonia! #cociergeservices #hotel #vacation

  • Relax… we’ll book the table for you

    Villa Antica Colonia, loved for its extraordinary location, historical value and casual elegance, loves to take care of you and has decided to make your stay even more comfortable and unforgettable with some services dedicated to your well-being, relaxation and leisure. It is well known that Italy and food have always been an indissoluble couple, both for us Italians and for foreign tourists. This is why we have a reservation service organized for you at our partner restaurants. There are those who prefer to savor traditional dishes in the charm of our ancient village of Crabbia and those who opt instead for a gourmet menu “au bord du lac” … all at your fingertips at Villa Antica Colonia! You can therefore ask us to book your table at the Osteria San Martino restaurant a few steps from the villa, with its tasty traditional à la carte dishes, or take advantage of our exclusive service at the Giardinetto restaurant just 5 minutes from the villa, where you can enjoy a refined à la carte cuisine, inebriate yourself with a rich and prestigious cellar and enjoy a covered and heated terrace directly on the lake. For all of you the transfer service to and from the villa and the welcome drink are free. When booking your apartment you can also book your table and thus guarantee the best availability and punctuality. For your reservations you can contact our back office Valentina via email at or our front office Monica at + 39 392. 023. 81.65. Make your stay special … make your holiday at Villa Antica Colonia even more perfect! #cociergeservices #hotel #vacation

  • Culti Milano – a Name a Guarantee

    Covid did not stop us and we continue to work with strength and passion to guarantee all our customers the utmost welcome and comfort. Representing Italian excellence and quality, we are pleased to introduce our new courtesy kits by CULTI MILANO that you will find in the apartments of VILLA ANTICA COLONIA. THE ORIGINS CULTI MILANO was founded in 1990 by Alessandro Agrati, an eclectic interior designer, who realized the strong appeal and impact that a perfume has on its environment. CULTI MILANO, the unrivaled benchmark in the world of home fragrances, was the pioneer in inventing the Rattan sticks which diffuse the perfume in the air in 1990, an innovation that has not only become the Brand’s source of proudness, but has also changed the way perfume diffusion is used and perceived worldwide. Hence, the com­pany decided to develop its production in the perfumery segment and soon became the world’s leading brand in research, fragrance development, and quality of materials. Its fragrances are famous for their elegance and for their original combination of scents. Incomparable. This is why originality is one of the key values of the Brand. 2015 marked the beginning of a major renewal process, in terms of strategy and organization. The existing products were enhanced and new concepts were created, including newly formulated fragrances. The goals that the company had set for itself, in fact, were first to maintain the Brand’s high-end positioning in the market and to continue to be a trail blazer, introducing new ideas and new trends for a highly refined, demanding clientele who’s unremittingly seeking sophi­sticated sensorial stimuli. QUALITY The perfect combination of natural and synthetic ingredients creates sophisticated shades, fragrance’s color slightly change its appearance, thanks to the oxidation of the fragrance itself with the outer environment. DESIGN The shapes of CULTI MILANO characterizes living and working spaces with elegance, mo­dernity and innovation. When the fragrances are diffused, they amplify a positive feeling and enhance the location where they are diffused. ARAMARA We have selected for you the fragrance ARAMARA declined in the versions shampoo, shower gel, hand soap, hand&body cream. ARAMARA is a fragrance in perfect CULTI style that evokes purity and elegance, which makes us immerse in a sunny day in the countryside, marked by the reassuring aroma of citrus peel. Its perfume diffuses and remains suspended between a pleasant bitterness and a candied sweetness, just like certain moments in life. A summer’s day, the sun on your skin, happy thoughts. A unique olfactory experience that evokes the bright colours and contrasts of the Mediterranean. Bitter orange blends with bergamot and cardamom and floats on the air with the spiritual touch of sandalwood. A sunny fragrance. Olfactory family: Citrus Facet: Woody Olfactory notes: Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Sandalwood. Villa Antica Colonia awaits you with renewed sensations of style, elegance and warmth. #hotel #vacation

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