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Open The Doors To Wellness

It is a new beginning of the season, it is a new dawn for Villa Antica Colonia: thanks to the expert hands of our partners, your stay will be enriched by Ayurvedic and yoga experiences that are almost naturally intertwined with this magical timeless place: the Lake Orta. The wonder of this location and the encounter with the ancient Vedic knowledge, at the basis of a profound integrated medicine, will accompany every moment of your stay in the name of relaxation and tranquility in that atmosphere of quiet and peace that has always characterized Villa Antica Colonia. And the nature of Lake Orta all around, especially in the spring season, is an accomplice: wisteria in bloom, wildflowers that cover the meadows, intense and enveloping scents, harmonious sounds of birds and the warmth of the sun’s rays. who acquire more and more confidence… this is the ideal frame to enter a new dimension of listening to yourself, to initiate a change in the body as well as in the mind. The treatments offered, different from each other in detail and purpose but all oriented to donating precious energy to support one’s life, see detox, rejuvenate and relaxation as their main focus. We offer wellness programs with the flavor of herbs and natural oils that become a silent moment where you can gently meet yourself, all set in a splendid villa from which to admire an incomparable lake view and the wonderful change of lights and colors of nature from sunrise to sunset.

Wellness experiences, regenerating holidays and pure relaxation:

this is the new dimension of Villa Antica Colonia.

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Via Primatesta 7, Crabbia 28028 Pettenasco (NO) Lago d’ Orta

58 km from Milan Malpensa Airport


Via Primatesta 7, Crabbia

I - 28028 Pettenasco (NO) Lake Orta

58 km from Milan Malpensa Airport


Enjoy your

Wellness Stay

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